Ilham Sweets a Delicious Planet

As we believe that all children in the world should discover a new Planet of Taste named "Delicious Planet" while chewing our premium gums, we launched our business as Ilham Sweets for our premium bubble gum and chewing gum to be consumed. When we started this Delightful Planet, we did so with a team of professionals who had worked in the confectionery industry for many years, specifically in the bubble gum profession.

We Developed New Products!

We have added chewing gums to our product category; these chewing gums are vegan and naturally colored. We can pack chewing gums in a variety of packages and forms, as well as the variations in our catalog, based on our customers' requests. We have created long-lasting, natural refreshing "Special Natural Gums" in addition to vegan chewing gums.

Annual Production Capacity of 5,000 Tons

We produce all of our products in our modern technically equipped production line with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons.

We carefully choose the best raw materials from the best sources and use outstanding accuracy in the production of our confectioneries.


One of our goals is to reach everyone in the world with our delicious confectionery and to make them happy with our quality gums.

We are all over the world from the USA to New Zealand!

we have shipped to 57 countries, and our goal is always to export to more.


Our Vision

to have the most well-known brand with the most diverse selection of products on the global market.

Our Mission

Increasing the value of all stakeholders;

To be a trustworthy sweets manufacturer that is conscious of its ethical and environmental obligations.

We warmly invite you to tour our catalogue, which will make you smile as you flip the pages.